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Free MTT Tools

How do I download your free MTT tools?


Please click on one of the ‘Download Our Free MTT Tools’ boxes on the home page.


I signed up for the free tools, but I didn’t receive anything yet - what should I do?


Please wait 24 hours before emailing us at using the same email address you signed up with. Some email providers and servers can take longer than others to receive our tools.


The Sunday Home Game

How do I join the Sunday Home Game?


Open the main lobby in the Pokerstars client. Click on the home games tab. Enter the club code “2092138” (without the “) and the invitation code “pushfold”.


Where should I send the hand history once I bust or win the Sunday Home Game?


Please send the raw .txt file to


When is the Sunday Home Game?


Every Sunday at 8.05pm WET.


The Classroom Facebook Group

How do I gain access to the Facebook group?


Head to and click 'Join Group'.


One-on-one Monthly Package

How often will I be billed?


The billing cycle for the monthly package is one month. Your billing date is the same that you signed up. If you signed up on February 18th, your next billing date will be March 18th.

Can I carry lessons over to the next month?


No, all lessons must be taken in the month from the date you sign up.



I have a suggestion to improve the site - how do I get in touch?


That’s great! We’re always looking for ways to improve. Please email us your suggestions and feedback to



If you didn’t see an answer to your question here, please email us at

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