Home game write-up: 12 March 2017

The MTT Poker School Sunday Home Game has run every Sunday since 15 January 2017 and has resulted in many interesting and exciting hands replayed with hole-cards up on the MTT Poker School YouTube channel. So far I have made 36 completely-free training videos that cover things like ICM, open-shoves, 3-bet shoves, triple barrel bluffs, check-raising and much much more.

10 players battled it out in this week's home game. Several hands passed before the first elimination, and I was the unlucky player to bust in 9th as my 77 was no good versus the ATo of a0Kribu and the QQ of toutiorix as the former spiked an Ace on the turn to scoop the pot.

Johce was the next player out as he ran into a cooler situation, his QQ no match for the AA of dawhiteninja. The board didn't even give the Swedish player a sweat.

Juuso72 ended up getting short and 3-bet jammed AJo for his last 12bb into the QQ of toutiorix once more and the AKo of a0Kribu, with the former coming out on top after ending the hand on the turn when he caught another Queen, with Juuso72 busting in 7th place.

PrettyVinnie was the next unfortunate soul to bust from the final table as he jammed K9o from the small blind with 11bb and ran into Clarkson7's A8s. The flop of 2TJr gave Vinnie some additional outs, but no King, Queen or Nine on the turn or river saw Clarkson7 eliminate Vinnie in 6th place.

At this point Clarkson7 had accumulated about 44% of all the chips left in play with about 65bb. AeroTop, on the other hand, only had about 4bb and while he managed to get one shove through uncontested, he ultimately failed in his next attempt as his JTo shove from the BTN found a call from a0Kribu and Ah6h. The flop gave AeroTop some hope as he spiked a Jack on a Jh 4c Qh board, but his opponent had several outs and found one of them on the 3h river, eliminating AeroTop in 5th place with the nut flush.

With only three players paid, we were on the bubble and it was toutiorix who was the shortest stack with 19bb. The bubble only lasted six hands as toutiorix 3b jammed 55 into a0Kribu's 99 and that was all she wrote for the Belgian.

After having his big bluff picked off a few hands before, dawhiteninja was the next to go as he shoved his last 8bb with T9o in the SB and Clarkson7 called him off with Q9s. Both players paired the 9 on a 4h 9h 3d flop, but there was no Ten for dawhiteninja and he was eliminated in 3rd place.

Heads-up lasted 26 hands and the chip lead swapped several times, but it was ultimately Clarkson7 who was victorious. He raised Ac6c from the BTN and a0Kribu defended with 7s6s in the BB. The 2h 6h 3c flop was always going to create some action as both players made top pair. After seeing a check from his opponent, Clarkson7 fired a cbet and a0Kribu found the check-raise, which in turn was met with a jam all-in. a0Kribu called it off and found a few more outs on a 5h turn, but the Qh river sent all the chips Clarkson7's way and a0Kribu had to settle for second place.

You can watch all of this week's action, starting with Episode 9: Part 1 on our YouTube channel.

To take part in future games:

1. Open the main lobby in the Pokerstars client.

2. Click on the home games tab

3. Enter club code "2092138" (without the "") and the invitation code "pushfold" (again without the "")

The home game takes place every Sunday at 8pm (WET).

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