Maximising Value in Bounty Builder Tournaments Part 1

Bounty builders are growing in popularity and if you don't know what they are yet, let me explain. Bounty builders are progressive knockout tournaments where every time you eliminate a player you take 50% of their bounty and the remaining 50% goes on your head. This continues throughout the tournament so, as you can imagine, the bounties can get quite large.

Recreational players love these games, which means they're some of the softest tournaments online. And the reason they're so profitable is that players don't adjust properly. When someone shoves their eyes light up and they're all in with 86o before you can say, "Quick, call Dog, The Bounty Hunter!"

Bounty builder tournaments maximising value with Kings

In the hand above UTG limps as does MP2 then the HJ decides to make it 3x. The BTN calls and we have a decision. Now obviously we're going to be raising - we certainly don't want to play KK 5-ways - but how much should we raise?

I believed that a lot of these players can'tcouldn't wait to get their chips in and win my bounty.So how do we make that happen? How do we get our opponents to put money in pretty bad? Well, what we should do is just shove and expect at least one player to call. If everyone folds then we've added almost 2k to our stack which isn't at all bad given that we now cover another two players at the table whose bounties we could pick up in the future.

I did shove, kojacmartin reshoved with TT and we got a full double up plus all of the dead money in the pot! From his point of view TT is a good call since he needs less equity versus our shoving range as he has the immediate chance of picking up 50% of our bounty.

In Part 2 I'll talk about another way to maximise value in these kind of games.

Good luck out there!

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