Maximising Value in Bounty Tournaments Part 2

Last week I started this series on maximising value in bounty tournaments. Today I'm going to talk about a slightly different spot and highlight the key things to think about when aiming to maximise value in these kind of tournaments.

Boom replayer of KK hand

As you can see UTG (jef_2610) opens for a minraise. Now I have two options here: 1) 3-bet and look to play HU versus one opponent or 2) flat and potentially induce action from the players left to act. You'll notice there are at least two sub-20bb stacks left in the hand who could shove and this is great when I have such a strong hand.

It's unlikely that these shortstacks are going to shove particularly wide over an UTG raise and a call from UTG+1, but the key thing to think about here is how jef_2610 responds versus a shove. As I highlighted in the last part, players in these tournaments will do everything they can to win bounties. If vkade485 shoves then jef_2610 realises that he can reshove very wide to isolate the all-in player and win his bounty. He doesn't even need particularly great equity since there is a lot of money already in the pot and the bounty on vkade485's head puts an extra bit of juice into the pot. This leads to jef_2610 shoving with a much wider range that he normally would, which is great when we can then snap off the shove and win two bounties.

Another factor that made me just flat here rather than 3-bet was that Bee Darkness on the BTN had been particularly splashy in the last few hands and also had a fairly hefty bounty. If I 3-bet I think it's unlikely that he would choose to 4-bet jam, but if I flat it gives a fun player the illusion of fold equity, even though in reality fold equity is very low in these kind of tournaments.

I did flat, Bee Darkness shoved with 86o and jef_2610 reshoved with QQ. We called and eliminated both players, picking up their bounties in the process. Now jef_2610 is definitely correct to jam QQ here, but I honestly think he would have jammed way wider given he can pick up Bee Darkness' bounty.

These games really are the nuts and I definitely recommend adding them to your schedule. You can be in profit well before the money, which should change your approach on the bubble given the lower value in cashing these tournaments. I'll save that for another day though.

Speak soon, good luck at the tables!

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