Rejamming Versus A Squeeze Jam

During a Powerfest event last week, the hand below presented itself. I opened 66 from the HJ off a 40bb ish stack, the SB called and then the BB jammed.

Squeeze Jam

Now, if it was just the BB 3-bet jamming here versus my HJ open I would be very happy to call. However, the SB has called here meaning that the BB should have a stronger range as he has to get through two ranges rather than just one. And then when we re-shove we have to still think about the SB as well.

What hands would you re-shove here?

Try to think about it before you continue with the article.

I always encourage students in lessons to look at what you'd do in the other players' spots. What would you shove here in the BB's shoes? What does your calling range look like in the SB? And what happens when the original raiser folds - which of these hands do we call?

Holdem Resources Calculator is a great tool for analysing these spots.

I've created the situation where we raise, the SB flats and the BB jams. I've locked in my perhaps conservative range for this spot of 22.6%, 55+ A2s+ A9o+ K8s+ KTo+ Q8s+ QTo+ J8s+ T8s+ 97s+ 87s 76s and I've gone for a condensed range for the SB of 4.1%, 99-77 AJs-A9s KTs+ QTs+ JTs.

Versus these two ranges you can see that the BB 'should/can' shove 11.8%, 77+ A8s+ ATo+ KTs+ KQo QTs+ JTs and we should reshove with 8.7%, 99+ ATs+ ATo+ KJs+ KQo.

How does that compare to the range of hands you came up with earlier?

Now, the analysis doesn't have to end there. As we have a comfortable stack and we're not looking to take thin edges, we can look at removing the very worst hands in this range and only reshove with hands that are very profitable.

As you can see, KQo is worth +0.02BB and can be folded. ATo and KJs are questionable as well. Everything else should be a shove though as they're worth at least +1.4BB which is huuuuuge.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe it's important to analyse the spot from different perspectives including the SB and the BB. Would your 3b-jamming range have looked like this before the analysis? Is the SB's range correct for the games you play? There's so much to analyse from just one spot that it will just come down to how much you want to learn.

Good luck out there, speak soon!

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