Facing an Open In Position Quiz Answers & Explanations

Here are the questions, answers and explanations from our 'Facing an Open In Position' quiz.

1. MTT with BB ante, 40bb effective, EP opens to 2.3bb and you’re on the BTN with AQs. What should you do?


3-bet to 6.9bb

Mix (call sometimes, 3-bet to 6.9bb sometimes)

At 40bb AQs has a lot of value as a call. We don’t want to 3-bet and waste the value of our hand by having to fold to a 4-bet, but we do want to keep in a lot of the hands that we dominate that would otherwise fold versus a 3-bet, like AJo, ATo, KQo and Q9s. We should also be flatting in this spot with AJs, ATs, KQs, KJs and T9s at full frequency. Our light 3-bets in this spot would be hands like A9s, A8s, KTs and K9s that we can flat sometimes too.

2. MTT with BB ante, 40bb effective, the CO opens to 2.3bb and you’re on the BTN. Which of these hands should you 3-bet to induce?




All 3 of the above

While we can induce with all three hands, AJs and AQo make much better flats in position. AQs outperforms AJs and AQo when the CO decides to jam as well. The CO is supposed to 4-bet jam A3s-A5s and KJs/QJs sometimes too. If you don’t think he’s doing that, then AJs and AQo will be even less profitable (and maybe even -EV) and therefore work even better as flat calls.

3. MTT with BB ante, 20bb effective, the HJ opens to 2bb. Which of these hands should you jam on the BTN?





If we assume the HJ is opening around 26% of hands, then 33 and KJo are losing money as jams. KJo makes a great call in this spot and 33 is just a fold. 77 is a great jam and ATs, while making money as a jam, performs better as a flat. You should also look to call KK+ preflop.

4. True or false - in an MTT with BB ante, 30bb effective, there are some hands that you’d want to jam on the BTN versus a CO open.



GTO preflop solutions suggest that we should have some jams in this spot that include hands like AKo, AQo, KJs, KTs, QTs, JTs and 99. This is a function of not wanting to flat too wide so the blinds have a great squeeze-jam spot and also not 3-betting so wide that the CO has a great 4-bet jam spot.

5. MTT with BB ante, 100bb effective, the LJ opens to 2.5bb, which of these strategies is correct when you’re in the CO?

Fold 82%, Call 10% and 3-bet 8%

Fold 47%, Call 46% and 3-bet 7%

We still want to fold a decent amount from the CO versus the LJ and should mix between calling and 3-betting. Lots of hands are mixing these two options and there are very few pure 3-bets or pure calls. Fold 47%, Call 46% and 3-bet 7% is our strategy in the BB.

6. MTT with BB ante, 15bb effective. The CO limps. What should you do with KQs on the BTN?

Limp behind

Raise to 2.8bb



We’re starting to see more and more limps off shallower stacks so it’s important to be prepared. This is a spot where the GTO solutions suggest the CO can limp 18% of hands, which we’re very happy to jam against. You should look to induce (raise to 2.8bb) with hands like AQs+ and JJ+ and mix that with some raise/folds with hands like QJo, K9s and KTo.

7. MTT with BB ante, 100bb effective, the HJ opens to 2.5bb. How often should we 3-bet from the BTN?





If we assume the HJ is opening about 28% of hands then we do want to 3-bet on the aggressive side, but we can’t go too crazy. 16% would be appropriate BB vs BTN for example, but 9% is better in this spot. 3% is way too tight and 6% is just too conservative.

8. True or false - you should always 3-bet QQ preflop at <40bb effective.



There are some situations where QQ can be called or 3-bet. For example, if EP opens 40bb effective, you can roughly flat 50% and 3-bet 50% on the BTN. This keeps some strong hands in your flatting range, which prevents the blinds from squeezing too liberally believing that your range is quite weak and condensed.

9. MTT with BB ante, 10bb effective. The CO jams. What is the worst pair you should call with on the BTN?