Ignore Them, Focus On You

During SCOOP I played a hand in a $55 tournament where I think my opponent made a really bad call. When I ran the hand I noticed that my mistakes might be even worse...

Here's the hand:

We discussed this hand in-depth in the weekly workshop I do for MTT Poker Academy and there are some really important concepts to think about. I actually planned to review 5 key hands from SCOOP 2022, but this hand actually took a whole hour to go through from start to finish.

Here's the abridged version...

Flop 632r

I would classify this flop as low-connected, and as such, given we're LJ vs BB I want to play a big bet or check strategy here. Hands like A6/K6 and overpairs will want to bet big very frequently, while hands like ATs or 87s will want to check a lot.

My exact hand can bet big or check. In this hand I decided to bet big.

When the Big Blind calls my flop bet, we go from having ~56% equity (with our range) to only ~46%. This is a huge drop, but not unexpected given that he's now folded all of his garbage hands.

Turn 632r - Kh (badugi)

As turn cards go, the Kh is one of the best for us. As a proportion of our range, we have almost 3x as many Kx hands as the Big Blind in our range going into the turn. They have to fold hands like K9o-KJo and K8s/K7s on the flop.

So this is going to be a pretty good card for us to barrel for a big sizing with our range and target the 2x and 3x hands that don't have draws and some Ace high hands too. Some 6x hands are now indifferent as are hands like 99 and 88. When we bluff with low cards, we can target gutshots with a high card (like Q