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This is NOT an April Fools!

From April 1st, I'm capping the number of members in the new cohort of my 8-week 'Train & Play Like The Pros' program to just 10!


I want to do this so I can be 100% sure to give those 10 members the best possible experience and deliver a high-quality program.

I also want to reward action-takers. I know that the first 10 people that sign up for this program will work hard, learn a tonne and make insane progress.

Train & Play Like The Pros is my 8-week Masterclass for online tournament poker players. Since it started, over 115 part-time/recreational players just like you have gone through this program and come out the other side with strong fundamentals, effective study habits and a clear system for improvement that will stay with them for the rest of their poker career.

This isn't just another generic tournament poker course. This is a 'done-with-you' program where we work with you to identify your biggest leaks and help you fix them. You'll develop and understand the importance of effective study habits and routines that will aid you in getting that little bit better every single day. And you'll learn optimal strategies for the most common spots in MTTs.

Most part-time and recreational poker players are just a few frameworks, systems and routines away from leveling up, and that will make a real difference to their game.

We’ll work on getting you to that level within the next 8-weeks. We’ll give you everything you need to make that happen, and nothing you don’t.

No wasting time, energy or money. Just the tools you need to succeed.

The next cohort will start on 1st April.

I’ll add you to a private Discord server with me and our other coaches.

We will be in there daily to support you for the next 8-weeks.

We’ll give you access to a step-by-step system.

In addition, every week for the next 8 weeks we’ll jump on a live group call together to get you the help and support you need.

We only want to work with people who can implement, test and report back on the results.

I'm taking interested people and I'm inviting YOU to join the team.

This isn’t a ‘course’ where you gotta find loads of time in your busy schedule and watch endless generic videos.

I’ll give you bite sized chunks you can knock out in a few minutes a day.

During our time together we can hang together in a private Discord server to talk about it and brainstorm specific strategies to develop YOUR online poker game so you can put it into action and report on your results.

I really want to create some great case studies from this so the team and I will be spending time with you to make sure we maximise your results.

If you're seriously ready to get started, send me a DM on FB here: or send me a message using our contact form on the home page.

PLEASE NOTE: This program isn't easy, cheap or free... but then neither are the results we get for our clients.

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