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Reviews & testimonials from my students

I signed up for Train & Play Like The Pros as I wanted to improve my tournament game after a few years concentrating on playing cash. It drew my attention as it offered the chance to work with like minded people in a supportive group. This alongside Gareth's approach to the game and coaching was a deciding factor for me.


I'm really pleased to have joined: it's helped my game immensely and it's great to be part of a group who are supportive and keen to improve their own games. To anyone thinking of joining up jump in and do it you'll not only improve your game but your study and understanding of the game too and as a bonus you get to work with some great like minded players. 


- Ben F.

MTT Poker School is the 3rd coaching site I’ve tried and is by far the best. It’s not just access to charts and videos like some others, it’s a complete framework which has helped me to discover my own leaks and has given me the tools and support I needed to start fixing them. It’s completely changed the way I think about and play poker and I’ve finally got myself into a structured study routine which I know I will continue.


I highly recommend the MTT Train and Play Like the Pros programme. As long as you put in the effort, it will do exactly what it says it will!


- Rod H.

The content library is laid out methodically in a logical order so it helps you find leaks that you didn't know you had, and maps out the path to fix them. You can develop a consistent routine to study and get better exponentially.


The community is what makes you the poker school unique. People from all over the world with differing levels of expertise, buy ins and experience levels, all buzzing ideas off each other in group calls and weekly coaching sessions. It's like minded people all coming together and up-skilling collectively.


The coaches are always on hand but don't simply give you blanket answers if you have a spot to run through, instead they are careful to offer insight, challenge your way of thinking and help you find your way to the answer and the 'why'.


Highly recommended product. Respect to Gareth and the other coaches.

- Kevin C.

Gareth is a dedicated and insightful coach. His presence, leadership and overall philosophy has developed a community of kind, thoughtful, like-minded individuals who value developing their game and supporting each other.

- Jake E.

 I now have a significantly better understanding of the game. I’m able to process, question and logically think through scenarios. An understanding of things like ranges, range advantage, equity, all of which was foreign to me 12 months ago as a newer player to the game.


I think my biggest win is being able to study on my own. Through Gareth and his program I have the tools to study and review my own spots. The library of content is great, but the ability to review your own sessions and see where you made mistakes is a huge win! Very much a “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” scenario.


Coming to terms with the idea that making the right decisions doesn't always mean winning - consistency is key! I'm really pleased with my experience so far - great coaching, content and a good community of players who are constantly responding to or posting questions.

- Gary M.

Looking for a shortcut to poker glory, or maybe a handy chart or cheat sheet to magically run up a stack in your next event?


How about the top 5 things you can memorize to ensure a win in your next session? 


Newsflash: that type of content is not learning nor will it result in measurable improvement in your abilities. 

There are no shortcuts at MTT Poker School. Instead of shortcuts, you will get true coaching that includes help to identify reasonable and measurable poker goals and support in mapping a study strategy within the time constraints you have off the felt.

Gareth James brings his experience as a professional educator to guide player development with proven learning methodologies. He is an expert on modern poker theory and will open up a world of possibilities by challenging you on what makes a correct play. In other words, Gareth doesn't coach as a side hustle. He is committed to coaching as a discipline and personal practice unto itself.

- Paul S.

Before I joined Train & Play, I was a member of probably the three most well known poker coaching sites. While all have good content, they are generic and designed for the masses.

None of them address the fundamental problems of why so many beginning poker players failed. All that content won't get you anywhere if you don't recognize your own leaks and work on them. 

Gareth has recognized this and created something unique with his program "Train & Play Like The Pros". With the program he tackles the problems at the roots and shows you through a clear roadmap how you can fix them to become the best poker player you can be. Another focus of the program is Study Habits and Optimal Strategy. Using well structured videos, Gareth shows you how to optimize your strategies such as RFI, BvB, BB Defense, Playing optimal the different streets from IP and OOP (GTO based) and much more and especially how to train them to get more confidence in these spots. Also the videos differ from the previous poker coaching sites where I had a membership. Not only in content but also in the structure. At the latest here his abilities as a coach become even clearer. He is careful that his content is understood by all and he also takes the appropriate time for it. 

Finally, Gareth deals with perhaps the most important topic for all MTT players: ICM. This section has been an eye-opener for me and has probably the most impact for me to become a winning player. I don't know any other coach who knows more about ICM than Gareth. He gives you valuable tips and shows how to improve through study habits.

The program is being rounded up by a very strong community. I think the community is so strong because many members with a similar level have joined the program and help and support each other.

Finally, I can fully recommend the program and I am so glad to be a part of it (now I am Academy member). Through the program, Gareth paves the way for you to become the best poker player you can be. Assuming you put in the work. Before the membership I was a losing player with a ROI of -21%. In the meantime, I am beating my stakes and have a ROI of +23%.


- Oleg G.

I have noticed crucial improvements with poker and can now understand and look at the game logically. I have improved all areas of the game I have spent time on from preflop decisions to final table ICM.


I am now a profitable player.


My biggest win is being able to find a community of players that are helpful and happy to share insight and knowledge with each other.


The course is so well structured and has so many perks to it. Being able to ask a Doctor about mental game leaks and being able to ask a poker coach for advice at the drop of a hat is invaluable.


Having a community of poker players who are all in it for the same reason is great as the wealth of knowledge available is outstanding.


I think for the money invested its probably some of the best content out there. I have been part of many pay per month sites and generally you get some videos and no real advice with them. This is more a living community and it only gets better the more people in it.


My knowledge of the game has improved, my playing has improved and my understanding of what is important in poker and what isn't is also a lot clearer now.


Value for money is wonderful and you will see a return on your investment if you put in the work and work on areas which are highlighted to you if you spend sometime looking. The community is wonderful and very approachable and everyone here is here to learn alongside you.


- Dan R.

From his FB group to his YT channel to his Podcast Gareth was able to convey to me that he genuinely cares about helping others improve.


Now my game has a solid base in fundamentals from opening ranges to flop textures to turn and river decisions. Gareth has given me the tools to find these spots and work them out. 

I recently won an ACR 16.50$ 10K PKO for just over 1700$. I’ve had a few cashes for 700$+, but I would say more than the money is the confidence Gareth has instilled in me to be comfortable in my study and game knowing what I’m doing is correct instead of guessing. I couldn’t be more pleased with this experience. Gareth and the group are some of the most helpful people I’ve ever worked with in poker or any other endeavor I’ve been involved in.


If you are serious about improving your understanding of fundamentals of this game and want the building blocks to take it to the next level this is the place to be. Gareth has a big heart and is a very genuine person. He will bend over backwards to work with you as long as you are truly willing to put in the work.

- David G.

I decided to sign up for 1:1 coaching because I needed a more focused approach to my poker study. I have all the books and I’m part of a larger poker community, but I needed someone to help me assess my game and implement effective strategies to use in my study and play.


I now incorporate more math into my game. I knew the key to winning online was to rely on the math, but I was struggling to figure out how to use it in play. I have a much better understanding of equity, the strength of ranges, and concepts like minimum defence frequency. I’m less inclined to pick low equity spots and risk my MTT life. Not only do I understand the rationale for why I shouldn’t, I understand the math behind it.


Another big win is watching my stats in PT4 go from red to green. That has been rewarding. Even if I don’t win every MTT, I know if my stats are trending positively then I’m doing things correctly. One small win is that I haven’t had a down month since I started with Gareth, and I can confidently say I have not been on a heater (I can’t wait for that moment!).


When I’m not being results oriented, I would say the small wins are in my work off the felt. I’m a more focused student of the game. I review my play and look for spots that I can learn from either through the MTT community by posting hands or through my own research in the video library that’s available to members. It’s been a worthy investment. The built-in accountability has been very helpful. The weekly check-ins are helpful reminders to keep me honest about what I want to accomplish. Even when life gets in the way of poker, I can tap back into the community to pick up where I left off.


Gareth is super knowledgeable, and the community is always open to help. If you’re open to receiving feedback and putting the feedback into place, you’ll find a welcoming landing spot with everything you need to become a winning player or to increase your winnings if you’re already a winning player. As with any investment, you’ll get out of it what you put into to it. If you actively engage with the Gareth, the community and available content I’m confident you’ll say it was money well spent.

- Dennis S.

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