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Dominate your next final table.

Master the art of final table strategy with 'Dominate The Final Table', a comprehensive, interactive video course to sharpen your skills and increase your chances of success.

Play your best poker
when the most is at stake

Embrace the challenge with interactive quizzes

Gain a competitive advantage

Improve your preflop & postflop strategy

Are you ready for the challenge?

Each hand starts with an interactive quiz.


Test yourself and receive instant feedback on numerous preflop and postflop spots and learn:

✔️ 15bb mixed strategies

✔️ Appropriate final table bet sizes

✔️ 3-bet jamming ranges from different positions

✔️ How to play out of position against the chip leader


Gain a competitive advantage

All the hand examples are taken from the final table of the SCOOP $109 Main Event this year.


Learn from the mistakes of others and discover: 

✔️ When to just flat JJ preflop

✔️ How to avoid huge preflop collisions

✔️ Heads up and Blind vs Blind strategies

✔️ How and why your BB strategy should change

Preflop & postflop analysis

You can make the biggest improvements in your final table game by focusing on preflop strategies, but there's plenty of postflop analysis in the course as well.

Learn all about:

✔️ How to play the chip lead

✔️ Playing AK when you miss the flop

✔️ When to fold an Ace on the Button

✔️ Why you should often fold small pairs first in

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What the pros are saying about
The Final Table book

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