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"Gareth proved to be an invaluable tool as I prepared for the 2016 Super High Roller Bowl. I can't recommend his services enough."
Matt Berkey, Professional Nosebleed Stakes Cash Game Player

Gareth James

Founder and Head Coach



Hi there! My name is Gareth James, but some of you will know me as Gazellig. I have been a tournament poker coach since 2012, teaching the strategies to be successful at multi-table tournaments both live and online. I have worked with all manner of players, from those getting their feet wet in the wonderful world of tournament poker for the first time right up to the high stakes cash game players wanting a tournament poker primer before one of the biggest tournaments of the year. 

Here at MTT Poker School you’ll find all the information you need to start crushing multi-table tournaments. Help yourself to our expertly crafted articles, podcasts, videos, tools, community and one-to-one lessons.

Since becoming a coach in 2012, I have worked with over 50 students on developing their games. One of them went on to chop the Sunday Million for over $165,000 and in 2016 I worked with Matt Berkey during his preparation for the 2016 Super High Roller Bowl at the Aria, Las Vegas where he went on to finish 5th for $1,1m. In total my students have over $3m in online earnings.

In 2019, I published my first book Purposeful Practice for Poker, written with the co-host of my podcast Poker On The Mind, Dr Tricia Cardner.

I look forward to making your MTT game more profitable! 


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Over at The Classroom you’ll find all the programs, courses and digital content you need to start crushing multi-table tournaments. We've got live webinar replays from the group coaching program, MTT Game Changer, $55 Sunday Marathon 2nd place review series and preflop starting hand charts for 20bb,30bb, 40bb, 60bb and 100bb.


"Gareth doesn't coach as a side hustle. He is committed to coaching as a discipline and personal practice unto itself."

Paul Smith, Las Vegas grinder








50% OFF


There is no doubt that one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to improve your game. MTT Poker School will help you develop your game through customised lessons designed to maximise your edge.


Are you stuck in a rut? Don’t know where to start when it comes to studying? Or just want to take your game to the next level?


Then save time by purchasing one-on-one lessons with a coach who has developed the games of over 50 students.


  • One hour of one-to-one coaching with Gareth James

  • 1/2 price

  • New students only


  • 4 hours of one-to-one coaching with Gareth James

  • Recorded videos of all lessons


  • One hour of one-to-one coaching with Gareth James

  • Recorded video of lesson


"Gareth proved to be an invaluable tool as I prepared for the 2016 Super High Roller Bowl. I knew this bubble would be unique as with 9 left the two tables would play 4 and 5 handed creating very particular ICM scenarios (2 out of the money). Gareth quickly adjusted for the dynamics, clearing up any potentially convoluted scenarios. He was also gracious enough to give me a quick push/fold refresher the morning of the final table. I can't recommend Gareth's services enough."



"Looking for a shortcut to poker glory, or maybe a handy chart or cheat sheet to magically run up a stack in your next event? How about the top 5 things you can memorize to ensure a win in your next session? Newsflash: that type of content is not learning nor will it result in measurable improvement in your abilities. There are no shortcuts at MTT Poker School. Instead of shortcuts, you will get true coaching that includes help to identify reasonable and measurable poker goals and support in mapping a study strategy within the time constraints you have off the felt. Gareth James brings his experience as a professional educator to guide player development with proven learning methodologies. He is an expert on modern poker theory and will open up a world of possibilities by challenging you on what makes a correct play. In other words, Gareth doesn't coach as a side hustle. He is committed to coaching as a discipline and personal practice unto itself. Rather than just powering up Skype and clicking buttons on a hand replayer, Gareth is committed to your personalized learning and is prepared for every session. He not only brings accountability to your poker study; he also becomes personally invested in your improvement and success. Since studying with Gareth I have gone from a long time min-casher to binking a few online events and multiple live final tables. But more importantly, my depth of understanding about the game of poker has increased exponentially. As a result, a deep intellectual curiosity and commitment to the game was born. I am certain that continuing Gareth’s approach will reap many rewards. If you are looking for a coach who will match or exceed your own commitment to your poker success, then I wholeheartedly recommend Gareth James for the job!."



"Gareth is more than an excellent poker instructor, he is a brilliant educator! I am in the education business for 20 years and I can recognize a good teacher when I see one. Gareth’s method made me  a better player and, from the first session, made me discover my leaks and immediately improve my game, translated in MTT wins. And not only that, he added me to a study group he created, where we discuss hands and poker  strategy, he is performing live streams several times a week and he is very  supportive to my effort to improve as a poker player and move on to higher stakes. I would recommend him to any player independently of the stakes or level one wants coaching, because Gareth is great for everything!"




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